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Manage and participate in online discussions with Google Groups

Google Groups Google Groups for Business makes it easy for teams, workgroups, and public communities to manage and participate in online discussions.

A clean, streamlined look
Google Groups has a clean, focused look that makes it easy to navigate:

  • A simplified home page provides a clear path to browsing or creating groups
  • A forum view makes it easy to scan and navigate topics
  • Topic threads are easy to read and perform actions on

Collaborative Inboxes
Use a group to manage and track queries from customers or co-workers—perfect for support organizations! Allow members to:

  • Take a topic they volunteer to resolve
  • Assign a topic to another group member
  • Respond to queries using the group address
  • Mark a topic as duplicate

Web and Q&A forums
Host a forum for online discussions or resolving issues within an online community. Allow authorized members to:

  • Mark a response as a best answer
  • Click Me too! to indicate they have the same question as the topic creator
  • Moderate the group, such as by removing topics or banning authors
  • Mark a topic as duplicate

Improved topic search and findability
Find topics more easily within a group:

  • Apply one or more tags to a topic, then find the topic later based on its tag
  • Use search operators such as from:me to find topics (similar to Gmail search)
  • Filter topics by type, for example, to see only best answers or topics you started or replied to

Richer posts with file attachments
Format posts with text styles, colors, and links, and attach files to posts, too.

Member roles and permissions
Assign specific roles for how different members can participate in the group. For example, allow only qualified personnel to add new members to the group or post from the group address.

Choose from a rich set of permissions to create and tailor roles exactly as you want. Or go with preset roles we set up for you—such as for an email list, forum, or collaborative inbox.

Contact us to find out how you can put Google Apps to work for your business!

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