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The tool teams love, the control IT needs

As a solutions provider we are committed to hand-picking the best options to fit our customers' needs and we are excited that we can support companies who are looking to adopt Dropbox for Business. Used in over 4 million businesses today, Dropbox excels in improving employee productivity while cutting your costs.

Why choose Dropbox for Business?

The power to work as a team

The power to work as a team

Watch productivity soar with the tool loved by over 300 million users. Let team members instantly sync and share data on any device, so they can work together from anywhere.

Security that inspires confidence

Security that inspires confidence

Dropbox for Business makes data access safe, reliable, and fast. And with powerful admin controls, IT can protect information both inside and outside your organization.

A smarter investment

A smarter investment

Break the cycle of training sessions, support tickets, and lost productivity. Give employees the solution they know, and free IT — and your team — to get work done.

How can we help?

We have developed an expertise in helping companies adopt the Dropbox for Business product. Below is a short description of the different services that we can provide to clients to help make this transition smoother.

Purchase Licenses. As an authorized Dropbox Solutions Provider, we can help you procure the licenses you need to for your business

Planning. Help prepare your people and your infrastructure to ensure a successful transition to the cloud solution.

Deployment & Migration.Complete the set-up process for Dropbox for Business and safely migrate over any files you want stored in the product.

Training.Drive adoption of Dropbox for Business by your employees and your IT staff using our in-house training specialists.

Ongoing Management & Support. Feel safe knowing that you have always email and phone access to our friendly technical support teams.

Integration.Our technical experts can help you integrate Dropbox for Business into your other IT investments (Active Directory, SSO, etc.)

For more information on Dropbox for Business, please contact us today to request your free trial!