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Price: $49.00 USD/Year
Imagine having any PC problem – from a nasty virus to a temperamental printer – fixed remotely by a friendly expert, available 24/7 with a single mouse-click! Well imagine no more, because GeekBuddy is here.
Have a Certified Expert available 24/7 to:
Remove Viruses & Spyware
Setup Email Accounts & Printers
Install & Configure Software
Perform Local Data Backups
Perform PC-Tune Ups
Pro-actively Help You Avoid Future Issues

Here's How GeekBuddy Works

When you need computer support, click the desktop icon to connect to one of GeekBuddy support technicians.

All support sessions are chat-based so there is no waiting on the phone or hard to follow instructions.

GeekBuddy  certified technicians connect to your machine remotely; all you do is sit back and enjoy the convenience.

Problem Solved
Enjoy using your problem-free computer once again.

GeekBuddy tech experts can help you install and set-up software, take care of complex printer set up, tune your PC's settings to lower both your energy output and your electric bill, and all the other services mentioned above.